Racks Pool Singles League Winter 2017

Matches and Results
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League Rules
1. The league is a singles event for 8 Ball Pool played under World Rules. 
2. It will consist of 4 divisions of a maximum 16 players of similar standard. 
3. Players will play each other once over 15 weeks. 
           All Matches must be played at Racks 
                                Fixtures are pre-arranged for Tues/Weds @ 7.30pm sharp & 9pm 
                                Table costs will be set on the early bird rate and shared between players. 
                                Score Cards must be used and signed. 
4. Premier A matches are best of 14 frames, Premier B matches are best of 12, Div 1 & 2 will be all 10 frames to be played out. 
    Table allocation will be; Premier A tables 4 & 5, 
                                           Premier B tables 10 & 13, 
                                           Division 1 tables 11 & 12 
                                           Division 2 tables 8 & 9 

5. Points will be awarded to each player as follows: 2pts for a win.1pt for a draw. 

6. Rearranging/Cancelling Matches. Should players need to cancel their matches they must inform Racks & their opponent asap. 
    Please contact your opponent to confirm the match. It could save a wasted journey  
    No shows will result in a 10-0/8-0 loss. 2 no shows the player will be scratched from the competition. 
    Any Player not fulfilling their fixtures may be banned from future Racks events. 

7. League table positions will be determined by the following order: 
1. Points. 
                                2. Head to Head 
                                3. Frame Difference 

8. Entry fee £40, All entry fees will be paid out in prize money, 
               Lower divisions will not pay out more than Premier A, 
               Once league fixtures have been created there will be NO REFUNDS! 

9. New players winning their division will have £40 held over to their next league. Top 2 players will be promoted, relegation of bottom player/s is not guaranteed.

10. Stopwatches may be used on 7.30pm matches if the table is booked for 9pm 

11. Updated fixtures & Tables will be available on our website, www.racks-maidenhead.co.uk  
Updated: 25/11/2017

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